About Us

Screening Express by RESOLVE, is the newest product offering from RESOLVE Partners, LLC, a leader in the Resident Screening Industry.

This newest offering is specifically designed for you, the Independent Landlord, Investor or Property Manager with less than 100 Units. After years of seeing the difficulties faced by our customers in these categories, as well as the rates being charged by other companies, RESOLVE became determined to find a way to service this market in an easy, quick, cost effective way!

If you know much about RESOLVE, you know that our clients all receive the same exceptional service, support & product, whether they have 1 unit or 1,000,000 units. After sign-up, and approval, you will have access to the features and services offered by RESOLVE, with no long-term commitment, monthly minimums, or any "extra" charges!

Sign-Up Today and let RESOLVE, RESOLVE your needs!