Resident Screening Packages -




To view Credit Details a Site Inspection is required. 

Basic Package

  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Criminal Records
  • Eviction Records

$15.00 / Per Applicant


Standard Package

  • All items in Basic Package plus
  • Masked Credit Report
  • Scorecard (due to masked credit)

$25.00 / Per Applicant

Complete Package

  • All items in Standard Package plus
  • Landlord Reference Verification
  • Employment/Salary Verification

$40.00 / Per Applicant



OR - Order the Individual Reports that You Want!

Credit History Profile
$ 10.00 / Per Applicant (site inspection may be required)
Criminal Records
$ 10.00 / Per Applicant
Eviction Records
$ 10.00 / Per Applicant
Employment/Salary Verification
$ 15.00 / Per Applicant
Landlord Reference Verification
$ 15.00 / Per Applicant
Adverse Action Automation
$ 3.00 / Per Applicant

Why Choose Screening Express by RESOLVE?

Nationwide Criminal Records

Criminal Records provided by RESOLVE are a detailed nationwide search of Federal, State, County, & City Criminal Record Databases. Unlike some of our competitors, this is just the first half of our criminal report.

The following are also included in our criminal report!

  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Warrants & Wanted Person's Records
  • International Terrorist Watch List
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • Many Other Public & Proprietary Databases

The detailed records needed to screen your residents, on a nationwide scale, for one rate!

Nationwide Eviction Records

RESOLVE's eviction records are available nationwide, and can be the most important piece of information in the leasing decision process. The eviction record search we deliver uncovers possession judgments, as well as writ of possession orders, that are both pending and closed. Our database contains over 30 million records and is growing every day. Your applicant may have lived somewhere and been evicted for a number of reasons but the debt does not always show on the credit report, making this information key in selecting the right resident.

24-Hour Service & Support

Our automated system is available 24/7, so even if your staff is working on evenings or weekends, your screening decision is usually available immediately. However, in instances where manual intervention & review of the data is necessary, we strive for the quickest possible turnaround for each report. Typically we are able to provide a 10 - 15 minute turnaround of your screening request.

Easy-to-Use Online System

With RESOLVE, you will get an immediate, automated response with a COMPLETE screening decision to help eliminate your exposure to fair housing discrimination (Credit Report Profile, Criminal Records, and Eviction Records). This means you can get a decision while your applicant is still sitting in your office, or on the way to the next property they may be viewing. No more waiting 24 hours or until next week to let them know they have a new home!

Customizable Decision Criteria

The criteria used by the system to decide if an applicant gets a PASS, FAIL OR CONDITIONAL decision is completely customizable, and determined by YOU, not us! Upon signup, we will email you a copy of our default criteria, most commonly used by our clients. If necessary, feel free to modify the criteria and return it to our offices. Decisions can be over-ridden in special cases by yourself or management if necessary, as well.

Cost Effective Screening

RESOLVE welcomes our community landlords & investors as customers and will treat you like the valued customer you are. Unlike other screening companies, you do not have to represent a large management company to receive our best service! In most cases, we have provided our customers with cost savings as well as more complete and accurate information compared to what they are currently receiving from their screening vendor.

  • POSSIBLY NO SITE INSPECTION FEES (Site inspection is only required to view credit details.)

Adverse Action Letters

RESOLVE's system can automatically generate Adverse Action Letters with one click. These simplify your compliance to the FCRA, that requires all applicants that are denied residency based on information found in their credit profile be notified of their rights. The system can provide a "generic" letter that simply states they have been denied due to the information obtained by the consumer reporting agencies listed, or you can select a "specific" letter that will identify the general reason(s) their application for residency has been denied. Our automation service, purchased for $2.99, will take this burden off your shoulders & automatically mail out the generic adverse action letter to any denied applicants.

If your question was not answered or covered within this information, please email customer service, today!